The search dialogue is found in the MailDex ribbon.

Just type a search term into the Search box and press enter. MailDex will quickly return results if it finds a match in the email header or text.


MailDex also includes an Advanced search method where users can specify how the search should be performed. Text can be searched for in From, Subject, CC, From message properties, the whole Header text, or Message body by adding clauses for each field and setting the correlated action such as AND, OR, and OR NOT.


The advanced search will filter out accordingly with the following fields: Subject, Body, Sender, Recipient, CC Recipient, BCC Recipient, Delivery time (received time), Submit time (Send time), Attachment name, and Attachment Content.

You can also filter by Groups. The ability to add a group of clauses can take your search to a whole new level. You can also save the search performed if you will use it again at a later time.

Once the results are in, you can use the “Find in Current Message” option to have a highlighted term in the email.

Additional search options are:

RegEx This is to be used with Regular Expressions, more details here

A… This option is the common “Start With” This allows the user to enter the beginning of a word and return results with words starting with the same. For example, searching for “App” should return application, apple, approach, etc.

The “=” This option is for exact matches of the keyword. Example using this option with the word app will only return searches with the word app included. This option is case-sensitive.

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