Command Line Parameters

MailDex provides the capability to set custom criteria at the command line level.  This section is intended for IT professionals deploying MailDex into a specialized environment.

Most MailDex users will not benefit from the descriptions in this help section and should avoid it.

A word of caution:  this section is in flux.

It is recommended that you contact Encryptomatic LLC's MailDex support team before proceeding too far.  MailDex inherited these capabilities from its predecessor product, PstViewer Pro. As we write this section, MailDex is at version 1. Some of the items described here may no longer be relevant to MailDex because of new capabilities that have been included in MailDex, or irrelevant capabilities being eliminated.

The Command-line interface of MailDex can be accessed via the MailDexConsole.exe file, located in the same directory as MailDex.exe

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe [options] [<file1> [<file2> ...]]

Options description:

h, help      

Show usage description.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --help

a, associate

Associate specified file extensions with the application.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --associate <format[s]>

p, print

Print specified message to default or a specified printer.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --print <file[s]>

e, export

Export messages with predefined profile.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --export <profile> <file[s]>


"C:\Program Files\Encryptomatic, LLC\MailDex\MailDexConsole.exe" --e "PDF - attachments converted/included" "C:\your_file.msg"

"C:\Program Files\Encryptomatic, LLC\MailDex\MailDexConsole.exe" --e "PDF - attachments converted/included" "C:\your_folder_with_messages"

Customize export for PST/OST.

To specify extended format please add the next fields to the end of path:

{1} {2} | {3}


{1} = :: [begin extended command]

{2} = <internal path inside PST/OST file> [for example: \Indox\John Doe] | [delimeter]

{3} = T or F [T - export with subfolders (recursively), F - export without subfolders]

All parts are mandatory if :: is specified after file path.


Export Inbox folder from pst file (without subfolders):

"C:\Program Files\Encryptomatic, LLC\MailDex\MailDexConsole.exe" --e "PDF - attachments converted/included" "C:\your_psf_file.pst::\Inbox|F"

Export Inbox\NewFolder folder from pst file with subfolders:

"C:\Program Files\Encryptomatic, LLC\MailDex\MailDexConsole.exe" --e "PDF - attachments converted/included" "C:\your_psf_file.pst::\Inbox\NewFolder|T"

c, command

Load command line switches from specified file.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --command <file>

w, nobrowse

Disable messages loading at startup.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --nobrowse

r, runprofile

Choose the profile with the GUI layout.

Usage:MailDexConsole.exe --runprofile <profile name>

l, log

Turn on the log file.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --log <file>

i, printer

Specify default printer.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --printer <name>

k, key

Register the application with the specified serial key for the current user. Key will be applied during the next start of the application.                

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --key <serial key>

m, mkey

Register the application with the specified master key for the local machine. Key will be applied during the start of the unregistered application. Administrative privileges are required for this command.                  

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --mkey <serial key>


Erase serial key for the current user.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --delkey


Erase master key for the local machine. It will not influence already registered copies, but for new users, the application will be unregistered.

Usage: MailDexConsole.exe --delmkey

g, gui or GUIFLAGS

Configure visibility of GUI elements.


MailDexConsole.exe --gui <element1,element2[,...]>


MailDexConsole.Setup-1.x.x.xxxx.exe GUIFLAGS="<element1,element2[,...]>

MailDex GUI elements:

MLP - Mail list panel

FEP - File explorer panel

FTP - Favorites tree panel

TBR - Toolbar

MMP - Main menu panel

SCH - Search elements

CMZ - Customize GUI elements dialogue

NUP - Remove 'Check for updates' and 'Update settings' options from the Help menu.

Toolbar buttons:

OPF - Open file

REP - Reply message

FWD - Forward messages

PRN - Print messages

EXP - Export messages


Command to skip Visual C++ runtime prerequisite

Usage: MailDex.Setup.exe VC_PREREQUISITES="No"| "Yes"

Options for Visual C++  Yes or No


Choose update policy. It can be found in the Help menu.

Usage: UPDATE_POLICY="Never" | "Ask" | "Auto"

Options for update policy:

Never - Set 'Do not check for updates automatically' options in 'Updates Options' dialogue;

Ask - Set 'Check and prompt me to download and install the updates' options in the 'Updates Options' dialogue. This option is set by default;

Auto - Set 'Check and automatically download and install' options in the 'Updates Options' dialogue.


Set the language for MailDex interface.

Usage: GUILANG="<language>"

The list of languages that MailDex supports:















Set the language for the installation process.

Usage: /exelang <LangId>

The table with different <LangId> can be found here:

Example (to install French version):

MailDexConsole.Setup.exe /exelang 1036


Associate MailDex with msg, eml, pst or/and ost files.


EML_ASSOC="1" - associate MailDex with eml files;

MSG_ASSOC="1" - associate MailDex with msg files;

PST_ASSOC="1" - associate MailDex with pst files;

OST_ASSOC="1" - associate MailDex with ost files;

ALL_ASSOC=1 - associate MailDex with msg, eml, pst, and ost files.


msiexec /i MailDex.Setup.msi /qn PIDKEY="xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx" GUILANG="" GUIFLAGS="FWD,REP,FTP" ALL_ASSOC=1



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