OpenPGP User Manual

Creating Keys

After downloading and installing Encryptomatic OpenPGP, open a new e-mail window in Outlook and locate these buttons in the Outlook tool bar.

First, you will need to create new keys (if you have your keys already, skip this step)

Click on "Key Management" the following window will open

From this window, please select "Key import" then the first option "New"

A new window with the options to generate keys will be provided

Here is a quick video:


On this new Window, put a checkmark on the desired email address to generate new keys, create a passphrase for your keys, also set an expiration date if desired and select the strenght of your keys. Then click on "Generate" (The generation process could take several minutes) Once completed you will receive the following message "Secret key ring successfully generated"

If you have your own keys already created and want to use them in our software use any of the other options to import your keys

Your keys should be from another PGP integration and can be uploaded from File, the Clipboard or from a server.

Once your key pair is in the key management, you are ready to share and import recipient's public keys.

Sharing Keys

In order to communicate securely with other PGP users, you must ensure first that you have their public key and that they have your public key. (Do not share your private key)

The options to share your keys are:

  1. Export to File (This option downloads the a key file to be saved on your computer which you can send by email)
  2. Export to Clipboard (This option allows you to share your keys with the chain)
  3. Send to Email (This option will open a new email with your public key attach and ready to send)
  4. Upload to a key server (We offer the popular key servers for PGP, however you can add your favorite or own one)

Key Search

There are two methods of searching for recipient's key

You can search for the recipient's key in popular servers or they can share it via email with you. For this, click on Key management, select "Key Import" then "Import key from server" a prompt to look for the keys by email address

The other method is while sending an encrypted message, you will be provide the option to search for the public key, click on yes on the prompt and it will bring the window to perform the search, if you click on "No" the message will go out unencrypted.

Sending encrypted emails

To send an encrypted email, click on "New email", you will see two additional icons on your ribbon

You can encrypt and/or sign the email. Here is a video on sending encrypted and signed:

Ensure to have the recipient's public key (the current one)

If you receive a message stating "Decryption failed" check with your recipient and confirm they have the correct public key.

Revoking keys

To revoke your keys (public and private) you need to open "Key Management" locate your key (key pairs are displayed with a golden key and silver key in a pair). Please note that you can only revoke keys with your passhprase

Modifying Keys

Encryptomatic OpenPGP allows you to modify certain key features such as:

  • Managing your User's ID
  • Changing the expiration date on your keys
  • Changing your passphrase (Your old passphrase is required to change it)


Under options, you will find useful settings and information for the add in.

  • Settings

Under Settings, you will find the passphrase settings, which allows you to set a timeframe to remember the passphrase. Also update settings, Encryption settings (keep in mind that to decrypt sent messages, it is recommended to check the box shown on the screenshot below) and the Key Server settings

  •  Subscription Info

Under the subscription tab, you will find the place to enter your business license, a subscription information box, an activate button for business users and a release option for when you need to move your add in to another machine.

  • Rules

On this tab, you can enter rules to have emails sent encrypted and/or signed automatically by entering a domain or specific email addresses. Ensure to Save and Close for the changes to take effect.

  • Key Servers

This tab allows you to remove and add custom servers. (Popular PGP servers are already added by default)

Windows app

Encryptomatic OpenPGP now offers a Windows application that allows you to encrypt files directly from File Explorer. This addition is available during installation.

You get the options to install the Windows application, to enable the context menu, and to run the application at start up.

Additionally, you can run the application from the Windows application menu as shown below

Also, you can run it from the taskbar hidden menu

With this new Windows application, you can encrypt and decrypt from the clipboard, you can also encrypt and sign files in your device to be later sent as attachments. This Windows application share the same options and key management as your Outlook add-in.

With the context menu, you get the option to encrypt files in your device or decrypt encrypted files saved on your device. To do so, right -click on the file and select your desire option.