MailDex System Requirements

Before installing MailDex, be certain that your computer meets the following minimum software and hardware requirements.






Minimum: 2 GHz processor, 64-bit

More power is always better for running MailDex.


Minimum: 8 GB

More memory is always better.

Available Hard Disk Space

1 GB free hard disk space

More disk space is always better.

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 11 64Bit

Microsoft Windows 10 64Bit

Operating System support for MailDex and all Encryptomatic LLC products is bound to Microsoft's end-of-life support policies.


Windows Installer

Version 3.1 or later

Checked and updated automatically during installation

.Net framework

Version 4.8 or higher

Checked and updated automatically during installation

 We recommend a 64-bit Windows 10/11, 8 GB RAM+ and a 3 GHz+ processor. More resources are better.




If the program shuts down unexpectedly or does not open past the splash screen. This is a known issue that occurs when the index file gets corrupted due to various reasons, such as indexing or accessing files from an encrypted pathdrive, deleting a file while indexing, closing the program abruptly, or forcing it to quit during an indexing process.
To fix this problem, you will have to delete the entire indexing folder from your computer. Please note that this will erase all your index projects and you will have to create them again from scratch. The indexing folder is located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Encryptomatic, LLC and it is named Mailindexer. Please delete this folder and then restart the program.
This should resolve the issue and allow you to use the program normally.

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