Exporting to other formats

MailDex allows you to export emails to other formats including Word Docx, ODT, Mbox, GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, CSV (Excel), HTML, MSG, XML, and MHT.

You can find these options under the “Export” tab


The PDF format offers options for attachments such as embedding them as attachments in the PDF document, attempting to image the attachments to PDF right after the email (attachments imaged), or saving the attachments to a subfolder. We also offer Single PDF profiles, which will allow you to save multiple emails to one PDF document

You can access the export profiles from the dropdown box in the Export tab.

For users not wanting to display remote images, you now have the option under “Settings”


Add to a PDF will export your files to an existing PDF file on your device.

The export process will allow you to select to export the selected items or the project tree.


This option is available for every profile, making it easier to select all the emails in the project.

REPORTING (available on build 2.4.2 and above)

After an export, you will receive an Export Report window that will include the path where the exported files were outputed, number of succesfull converted files, and the time it took to convert the files.


For failed conversions, the report will include a list of failed items and an option to open the log file showing the file name and reason as to why it failed.


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