Mail List

MailDex's Mail List is a table containing information about email messages. When you perform a search, the results are displayed to you in the Mail List.  Emails can be sorted in the list, filtered, and grouped by their attributes.

In the product image below, the Mail List is shown boxed in red.

MailDex Mail List location is shown in red outline.

Mail list contains the following columns: selector column, file type icon column, and message attributes columns: subject, from, to, CC, BCC, delivery time, submit time, has attachments, internal path, source format, source path. Users can select which columns to show in the table and which to hide.

Icons displayed for the messages in Mail list help to differentiate between file types of the messages and the presence of attachments.

Context menu

MailDex Mail List context menu

Right-clicking on a line in the mail list table displays a context menu for the selected message.

Open message the context menu item is used to open the selected messages in a default email client.

Mail list view context menu item allows disabling of filtering and grouping capabilities of Mail list component in case the user does not need them.

Save context menu item allows users to save the selected messages in the specified folder preserving the same file name this message already has.

Save message as... context menu item allows users to save the selected messages in the specified folder with a custom file name.

Export context menu item performs export action on the selected messages. Users will be prompted to select and/or customize export profiles.

Reply / Reply All / Forward  Invokes the Windows default email client to perform the desired operation with the highlighted email message.

Properties context menu item displays Mail information the dialog shows information about the message header and file properties and allows viewing the message's raw transport header and MAPI properties tree.

Note: Open message, Save message as... and Properties menu items are unavailable when multiple messages are selected.

Advanced Mail list tools

Mail list provides powerful tools for sorting, filtering, grouping messages, and column management.

You can select which columns to display in the table by clicking Column Chooser in the header context menu and dragging required columns from the Customization window to the table. The order of the columns can also be changed using drag and drop.

The simplest way to create a filter is to enter a value in one of the fields above the table. The contents of the table will be filtered according to the inputted data in the corresponding column. The resulting filter can be seen at the bottom of the table. It can be disabled and cleaned by unchecking the checkbox near its description or clicking [x] button.

Email Display Limit

MailDex offers a slider under the settings window that allows you to control the number of messages displayed in the viewing pane.

Allowing the max number of emails will display all of the emails in the file. This feature applies to searches as well.

We've also added a number row that you can activate under the "View" tab to easily navigate your emails and projects.

If a limit is applied, it will show at the bottom, with the number of emails displayed and the total.

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